Any Story

Any Story

                                                                                        Child is Father to the Man ~ Philip Brent Harris


Winding down the lane or
Winding up the stair.
Am I alone in this pursuit for?
Is there someone there?
Can I see them beside me?
Do I believe them far away?
Is it faith, a new way to see,
Or what all the asses bray?
Maybe these two are the same.
Am I mistaken to think
There’s any more worth they claim
than bling, gone in a blink?

Distance from the common
Plight, all naked born.
No distinction of place or home,
Time, religion, color, here or foreign.
No guarantee any
One will accomplish more
Do better than one or many.
Only random chance in store.
A roll of the dice, odd,
Even what seems a certainty,
Meant to be, is flawed,
Never assigned to random deity.

I have proof, clues,
At least strong indication
That our paths lead to views
Sought to find our destination,
What we came to live for.
Any story I may tell,
You may accept or ignore
I assure you, it’s a lie I spell,
It will also be as true as my
Truth your lie, my lie your truth
On which we may finally rely
When we have shed our youth.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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