What to Seek

What to Seek

                                                                                            Deja View ~ Philip Brent Harris


In a church done in the 1890’s style,
I’m told. Should that make me smile,
Question all truths I’ve held awhile?
Do these questions have any answer;
That’ll  matter to another generation?
Did I think I’d find my chance here,
Hope I would be forgiven all my sin?

I don’t believe in any god, in any way.
A being who, remarkably, holds sway
That we end up upon a cloud one day.
While the glory that is painted above;
The gilt and guilt, miracles portrayed
To supplant our daily push and shove
If prayers unanswered, not betrayed.

In the end it’s done; it means nothing.
Can it matter what we take and bring
When we’re not here a future Spring?
Distant tomorrow may be, next week,
Any Tuesday full of sturm and drang.
Quiet for years; we find what we seek,
All ends in a mewl, begins a big bang.

What am I trying to say; may I know?
It is to do with none being high, low.
What you think you know; it’s not so.
Dark, bright glass, shrouded by night.
Their scenes, we see in gray outlines.
This can’t prevent the return of light.
Bear you burdens, feel life confines.

We hurry flood, fire, that would come
On a cycle of its  own, fe, fi, fo, fum.
Giant goaded, despite doing the sum.
We sing antiphons to entreat a virgin
Hope father or son perform miracles.
We sing to show we’ve no care then.
Seek holy support to save all we kill.

Time moves on, we mark the measure,
More-damning ways to take pleasure,
Confusing our desires with treasure.
We’ll all come to the same future end.
Earth, air, water, fire all lead to death,
Nova-death of distant stars portend.
Life is all, not only those with breath.

Still, you and I struggle to understand;
Living lives, be they meager or grand.
Life is life, despite what we planned.
Seeking meaning in mythical beasts,
We invent formulas, we call success.
Celebrating us, specters at our feasts.
Never learn enough; we cheer excess.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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