Only Happenstance

Only Happenstance

                                                                                The Time Lock Twirl ~ Philip Brent Harris


Can you or I hear the beating heart
at the center of all existence?
Here, there and everywhere, end to start.
Measuring the length of time,
Echoing the sound of our persistence.

No longer can I call to find the time.
You laugh; I must be old enough to bury.
Despite our status, place or climb,
life cares not, if we plod, rush or tarry,
reach our goal, fall into a thicket.

Have you heard the sound of crickets
slowed until we hear an angelic choir?
I think it’s not they who are too fast
but we who are too slow to thus acquire.
Does the mayfly, seen living but one day

Comprehend more than I may know?
Though I have tried to live my best,
despite faults, anger, tears and yelling,
hope I have more often passed the test,
yet, I know I alter it in the retelling.

Do you know all of your memories are true?
If so, true to what unacknowledged extent?
Realizing all you do in life depends on you,
your ability to know; would you pay the rent?
Do you know how you would explain?

I have lived in the streets and lanes,
though not in my current incarnation.
Which of my questions’ answers might I find
what truth might this bequeath?
The truth of my existence and creation.

How can I peer behind the curtain of my sin,
see behind my eyes, beneath my skin?
And, if I could, would I know where to begin,
lost within the dramas of British mysteries,
played out of order, as if to alter time.

Writing lines which might fail to rhyme,
like styles of art and writing, that I have not
studied, know. I show what speaks to me,
speaks through me, though, no matter what;
it could be another and, no doubt, has

been thought, said, written, painted, played
acted, known and lost so many times as
we struggled to find, make all the pieces
fit within a single space, with more to follow.
Standing on the battlements, lost in far reaches,

living fast or slow, nothing ever lies fallow.
Our drops of life rejoin the whole, some to rest,
some to return, live as if each step in the dance
does not count, that we will not fail or miss the test,
sure all that happens is only happenstance.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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  1. This was a lovelly blog post


    1. Thank you so much, Katie. I’m glad you liked it and took the tome to comment.


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