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Enough, Just Enough

Enough, Just Enough ~~~~~ Time is money, money is time, yet I’d like to see you eat either one. Tokens we value, believe have worth, are extremely puzzling to me. They are symbolic, I know, they can give no shelter by themselves. We treat them as real, pursue them with zeal, cry if we miss […]

Three-Letter Folk

Three-Letter Folk ~~~~~ We’ve absolutely no idea how our world may change, Despite those who have wild hairs of how to rearrange. Someone, may push a button, start the last of our wars. Perhaps we finally see the dream of having flying cars. What of the three-letter agencies hidden in plain sight, Who tell us […]

Which Three Letters?

This is a piece I originally posted last May, but with the shooting at the synagogue in Poway, I feel like I need to post it every day. ~~~~~ Which Three Letters? ~~~~~ NRA, DOA, RIP ~~~~ The NRA pushes guns without any regret, as they myriad  Needless Requiems Abet. Doubtless they think they deserve […]

By Any Other Name

~~~~~ Would miracles be or seem, by any other name, so grand? Miraculous, magical, names for what we don’t understand. Magic, for some speaks evil, dark powers, we can’t define. Miracles, equally mysterious, argued as proof of the divine. Minds shut so tightly, some refuse to heed any dissertation; faith in their own unknown eschews […]

They Better Hide

~~~~~ Tomorrow, I know I will be depressed. Today, we all learned the reason why. Repubs stole a judge’s seat, so suspect, Pretending they believed K’s every lie. Am I the only one noticed judge’s mien? Belligerent, aggressive when he testified. Old friends described him drunk, mean. Yet their need for power, ignored he lied. […]

If Never I Would Leave You

This should be sung to the tune of If Ever I Would Leave You, from Camelot. Should be featured in the new musical, Scamelot. If ever I got impeached, It would crash the market. Really crash the market, As only I know. My hair streaked with sunlight, While flips said my name, My face full […]

All Deserving

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ All Deserving ~~~~~ Whether you think you lost or won No matter what your views may be On the president now, the last one Or, indeed, on the other forty-three The time has come to make a stand For all of us, […]