They Better Hide

            Stuns and Poses ~ Philip Brent Harris


Tomorrow, I know I will be depressed.
Today, we all learned the reason why.
Repubs stole a judge’s seat, so suspect,
Pretending they believed K’s every lie.

Am I the only one noticed judge’s mien?
Belligerent, aggressive when he testified.
Old friends described him drunk, mean.
Yet their need for power, ignored he lied.

He, but one of their own, white, addicted
Alcohol, sex and power, “beware, we cry.”
When those who knew his faults, depicted,
Men who claim honor, heard only the lie.

Sneer at seeming weak, women, children.
Think they won; laugh in our faces, snide.
In November, see who is on the hill then.
His lies will stick in their teeth, better hide.

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