All Will Be Consumed

                           Their Regal Rouge Regina


Still he says and still he says;
He is the one.
The one they want,
The one they need.
In public,
He believes this.
In his heart, he knows,
Knows he’s lying
To everyone but himself

When she says and when she says;
You cannot trust me.
I decided, yet pretended
And yes, I’m so callous
I will be craven and cave in
One time she hopes
She will not be one.
Other times, she knows
She must vote as they say.

Despite what they say and despite what they say;
They are afraid.
They bluff and bluster
And they pray.
On one day, they pretend
They are brave
On others, they understand
They are merely cowards
No matter what they do or say

And some of us and some of us
Know they are shamefully
Addicted to their power,
Controlled by their fear.
Hiding within righteousness
Which bellies truth and pain.
Pretending they are better
Than witnesses and survivors who
Gainsay their choice.

Life will go on
And all will be consumed
Because of their madness.

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