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In This Instant

~~~~~ Wherever humans have been, there has been war In this instant there is time to change how we are Wherever humans have been, there has been peace In this instant there is time to let all conflict cease Wherever humans have been, we ward community In this instant there is time to know all […]

Silently Across the Night

~~~~~ Moving silently across the night-dark earth, Fires burn ever, Fluttering banners, gold and red, to mark the dead, Ever brighter, Projected onto shifting smoke, Ever hotter. An ever-changing, tattered screen, white, gray, black, Consuming all. No animal, no insect, no blade of grass remains For eyes to see. Glimpses through wind-blown billows, voids, Eyes […]

Thoughts and Preyers

~~~~~ It’s never just frightened students who die, From weapons sold to those who mistrust, By strangers, in boardrooms, sick and sly, Who these deaths profit, so die they must. They ignore truth, as parents’ tears glisten. Teen blood oils gears of the NRA machine. Death drums, screams, too awful to listen. Future promise reduced, […]

News and Views

      Deep in the Tall Grass ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ I believe I must curtail or end my news, Travesty, tragedy, comic-opera politics. Daily flogged by pundits with my views, No sense, sanity no puzzle piece clicks. ~~~~~ See more of my creative offerings and opinions at: Brent Harris Fine Art Philip Brent Digital […]

They Better Hide

~~~~~ Tomorrow, I know I will be depressed. Today, we all learned the reason why. Repubs stole a judge’s seat, so suspect, Pretending they believed K’s every lie. Am I the only one noticed judge’s mien? Belligerent, aggressive when he testified. Old friends described him drunk, mean. Yet their need for power, ignored he lied. […]

All Will Be Consumed

~~~~~ Still he says and still he says; He is the one. The one they want, The one they need. In public, He believes this. In his heart, he knows, Knows he’s lying To everyone but himself When she says and when she says; You cannot trust me. I decided, yet pretended And yes, I’m […]

Hope and Bounty

~~~~~ Saw a movie about people Who acted bravely in the face Of hatred and bigotry. They could not understand. But what is there to know About bigotry and hatred? It stays the same year to year When I give my answer, Some of you will sneer Repeat pundits who’re bloviated I say hatred, bigotry […]