Which Three Letters?

                                    These Three Letters ~ Philip Brent Harris

This is a piece I originally posted last May, but with the shooting at the synagogue in Poway, I feel like I need to post it every day.


Which Three Letters?


The NRA pushes guns without any regret,
as they myriad  Needless Requiems Abet.
Doubtless they think they deserve an award,
although they’re Not Really Aboveboard,
Children killed; the NRA fights resistance.
Why did they Need Russian Assistance?
The 2nd amendment to the table they bring,
and why the hell not, Not Risking Anything.
Many politicians bought, don’t fight this
is it simply Naked Republican Avarice?
Pistols bad, automatic weapons, we know,
worse, to massacre Nuts Require Ammo.
Whatever gun used, dead are added to the lists,
Congress lining pockets, Nasty Rip-off Artists.
People want change, shooter’s finger tensed;
gun lobby fights;  Neighborhoods Recoil Against.
Lawmakers only working for money, allow for
thoughts and prayers, None Responsive Anymore.
How can Congress ignore the people’s goals?
It’s easy for these Narcissistic Rich Assholes.
No actions taken and more innocent victims fall.
Death strikes like a Nocturnal Rabid Animal.
Still, politicians offer only token lamentations,
we all endure Nauseous Reeking Assassinations.
Leaders pretend; families suffer endless tribulations.
That’s what you get from Nihilistic Rotten Aberrations.
Any who won’t pass stricter gun laws, seems to me,
should be voted out, a Negative Review Absolutely.
If they will not even protect our children, take a stand,
should we ask if they were Never Really American?
They continually ignore us all, children and parents
Like their crazy leader, Negative Reality Adherents
Sad that our soldiers need rapid fire to not be statistics
but other than that use, No-one Rates Automatics
Those running Washington use schemes Machiavellian,
that’s why I call each a Noxious Repellent Antediluvian
Where in teaching ethics and morality have we faltered;
is something in the air leaves  Noggin’s Rapport Attenuated?
Never mind their constant, not-the-time protestations,
make them act now, stop Numerous Repeated Abominations.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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