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You Cannot Know

You Cannot Know ~~~~~   It is time to put people over politics, country over capitulation and world over wealth. ~~~~~ Another mass shooting in the United States. Whether on the battle field or living our daily lives, we are at war. Will this be the day you will die or I will die because […]

Ere We Fall

Ere We Fall ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Who knows what we’ve lost in the cause of war? Music, art, novels, plays, poems, films and more. Bach, DaVinci, Cassatt, Monet, fodder of kings, Shakespeare, Elliott, Beethoven all gone missing. Would we find saviors numbered with the […]

Euphemism: The Cynical Silent Killer

~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Boots on the ground come marching, marching Boots on the ground come marching one by one Boots on the ground have not one specified role At least that is the bill of goods we’ve been sold Boots on the ground come […]

Whose Sweet Face?

~~~~~ While club and maul and stick and mace may have been effective to smash a face, they all require study, practice and intent, maim or murder always what was meant. While the spear and stone or an arbalest, increased striking distance, were not fast. Designed to kill prey, as dangerous as us finished more […]

Which Three Letters?

This is a piece I originally posted last May, but with the shooting at the synagogue in Poway, I feel like I need to post it every day. ~~~~~ Which Three Letters? ~~~~~ NRA, DOA, RIP ~~~~ The NRA pushes guns without any regret, as they myriad  Needless Requiems Abet. Doubtless they think they deserve […]

So Little Has Changed ~ Verse II

from the collected writings of Phileas the Lesser ~~~~~ Remember each number is someone’s mother, son, father, daughter, aunt, uncle and, it may be anyone. Rich or poor, special on either end of the spectrum, you can be shot by a gun, dove, hawk, smart, dumb. In or from an ivory tower its fiery wrath […]

Asked Too Soon

~~~~~ Tell me the story of the man who kissed the moon, the woman who holds up the sky. Unless, I have asked too soon, you think I might be high. Though I have spent little time in bars, I have spent far too much in cars. Still, I always knew I could not escape […]