If Never I Would Leave You

                         Growing Stranger ~ Philip Brent Harris

This should be sung to the tune of If Ever I Would Leave You, from Camelot. Should be featured in the new musical, Scamelot.

If ever I got impeached,
It would crash the market.
Really crash the market,
As only I know.

My hair streaked with sunlight,
While flips said my name,
My face full of bluster
That puts gold to shame!

But never could I leave you,
If ever I got impeached.
How I could be impeached
I never will know.

You’ve seen how I sparkle
When all flips aren’t fair.
I throw you the odd bone.
And you think I care.

Would I deceive you,
Racing warily past the poor
Or on a tweeting evening,
When I watch fake news grow?

 Then never I would tease you,
Now it could end in jailtime?
Knowing out of jail I’m enriched by you so?
Oh, no! not in jailtime!
Slammer, big house or cell!
They never should impeach me at all!

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