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The “Doctor” Drumpf Traveling Show

  Sung to the tune of Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show Cooling March, right And he peeves, clanging clown And the mass at the sound, tellin’ tweet Groove to the goad, to the blowdried beat down And the hound of that rude hostile bleat Mit a jagged vent There where ain’t is free And that […]

At Last

Come, admit we’ve made our world absurd We but scurrying ants guarding our anthills Playing make-believe, as kings of our castles Not worthy to be jesters, only play the fools I will happily tell you that I’ve got your nose You have cut off your nose to spite your face My taunt is only used […]

By Your Choices

I grasp at my time, my life, my being Like the blind men and the elephant What I perceive not what I’m seeing It may be my fire’s only on my pants Chasing after truth by concocting lies Mystic brews that obscure and reveal All my victories, failures and my tries Perchance to illuminate or […]

Slips Easily Away

Have you talked to your family about your family Were you surprised by what your family had to say Are you who you thought you are, were, would be Is it simply genetics, heredity, like some folks bray Do you remember all the same stories from youth As your siblings tell you their memories tell […]


The sign simply said Books, I sighed In the distance, books what I espied Below it, sat a smaller sign with more A-J books may be found on this floor K-Z would be found only up the stairs The way I drooled, I garnered stares

Look of Wonder

Oh for the look of amazed wonder Which can be seen in a child’s eyes When it’s all new, here and yonder They’ve not learned to hate, despise Over time, it all becomes mundane As you excel at talking in your head Your world narrows, cannot explain Only hear your own chatter instead When you […]


It is quite a puzzling conundrum Which came first, chickens or eggs No definitive answer, smart or dumb And one for which an answer begs Myself, I’m more confused by socks Is there an answer; I’d like to know Which is first; help me check the box A hole in the toe or the toe […]


Sitting on a bench, while past me the crowd flows Hopeful that no one going by steps upon my toes

Olduvai Gorge and the Origin of Human Ecological Dominance

Earth Day – 2015: Took a while to post, but here it is Tired, cranky, cold and standing much too long Other people, let in early, will sit in front of me At a talk about the rise of human eco-dominance Eco equals ecological, also equals now economy Those that’s got gets, learned at my […]

A Better View

I often wonder, how did we get into this mess I mean, we did not choose to grow our brain Who decides to confront predators, such stress Sharp fang and claw, able to cause acute pain Where else in the universe, would you suppose Evolution played this little joke, what survived Not really a joke […]