Olduvai Gorge and the Origin of Human Ecological Dominance

Two Heads, No Sense ~ Philip Brent

Two Heads, No Sense ~ Philip Brent

Earth Day – 2015: Took a while to post, but here it is

Tired, cranky, cold and standing much too long
Other people, let in early, will sit in front of me
At a talk about the rise of human eco-dominance
Eco equals ecological, also equals now economy

Those that’s got gets, learned at my daddy’s knee
The rich get rich, while the poor get ever poorer
Doesn’t matter when you arrive; it’s about money
Every day that goes by makes that equation surer

Some may be, to be fair, perks of a job well done
The past is passed, done and gone, only get today
We are on top, but have we tried to become one
A polity of differences melded into a civilized way

Strengths we share together, with a common goal
Are there enough days left we can find an answer
If not, we go like the dinosaur, a loss of the whole
Gone, not forgotten; whatever ponders our cancer



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