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Change ~~~~~ What will the future think of us? Assuming we somehow survive. Will they say, can you imagine, they believed anything like that? If love as contagious as violence, would we stand carriers at a wall, to then shout, Ready, Aim, Fire? Does violence burn love to ash? Some say that love conquers all, […]

Simply This

Simply This ~~~~~ Could I withstand a thousand blows, while they brought me to my knees? No matter if they’re real, metaphoric; it’s all the same, to me, if you please. It’s not my body which must survive but my spark of spirit carried within. We see people who suffer every sin, far greater than […]

Ever Live in Fear

Ever Live in Fear ~~~~~ How will we decide what to do, what to think, what we’ll think, In a world of conflicting opinions, way too much information? While we caper and cavort blindfolded, oh, so close to the brink, Believing we’re so ordinary, nothing extraordinary can be done. When actions are performed beyond the […]

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum ~~~~~ I was sitting in a downtown cafe, looking for the words I wanted, listening to other people’s lives, fits and starts, dribs and drabs. O, what stories I could imagine. O, what stories could I imagine? of these people and their lives; the difference a single change, an opening, taken or missed, […]

The Giftie Gie Us

The Giftie Gie Us ~~~~~ How then cannot we see our own true selves? The poet’s answer realized in our social media. Where we play half-fools, do naught by halves, constantly connected, from Twitter to Expedia. Do we ever look in this mirror that we created? Join we the grand communion, or voyeurs only? We […]

Searching for You

Searching for You ~~~~~ Morning obscured by swollen clouds, rain-slicked streets offer no reflection. I trudge on, collar high to ward damp, as I round a corner, searching for you. Frigid gale, shreds the vaporous veil, ebbs, whispering, wishing, revealing, our spinning dome of stars, galaxies, modest corner of infinite space-time Dazzling, radiant, luminous, lucent, […]

All, Together

All, Together ~~~~~ I have shown you wonders beyond imagination, revealed to you the smallest parts of my being. I find you within me, yet, you don’t understand languages to, of creation too gross and too subtle to speak to you. I will guide a minor poet’s hand. I am every drop of water and […]