Look of Wonder

Feeling Blue ~ Philip Brent

Feeling Blue ~ Philip Brent

Oh for the look of amazed wonder
Which can be seen in a child’s eyes
When it’s all new, here and yonder
They’ve not learned to hate, despise

Over time, it all becomes mundane
As you excel at talking in your head
Your world narrows, cannot explain
Only hear your own chatter instead

When you have your mind made up
Do you listen anymore or at any time
Or do you think you are so grown up
That you don’t need reason or rhyme

Like playing at king of the hill all day
Your best you’ll try; bully stays on top
And you feel you will never hold sway
When all called home, struggles stop

Amazed, wonder we don’t understand
Bragging rights meaningless on return
Still on the bottom, a mouthful of sand
Happens time and again; we never learn


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