Slips Easily Away

Step Into Liquid ~ Philip Brent

Step Into Liquid ~ Philip Brent

Have you talked to your family about your family
Were you surprised by what your family had to say
Are you who you thought you are, were, would be
Is it simply genetics, heredity, like some folks bray

Do you remember all the same stories from youth
As your siblings tell you their memories tell them
Does your present, their present alter present truth
Implanting your own memory, polished like a gem

Are we reinventing our lives to explain who we are
As the way that we may understand the way we act
Creating our past, future constantly, never any par
Changing, one day rude, aggressive, one full of tact

How then does this help you identify your identity
It is amazing we have any sense of ourselves at all
What is our meaning and why should we even see
Each perceiving only the future days we can recall

Which do you believe we are, heart, soul or brain
Is it only agreed upon perception, the lives we live
True as the beginning, space, time, wetness of rain
Truth slips easily away, leaving stories in our sieve


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