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Slips Easily Away

Have you talked to your family about your family Were you surprised by what your family had to say Are you who you thought you are, were, would be Is it simply genetics, heredity, like some folks bray Do you remember all the same stories from youth As your siblings tell you their memories tell […]

Blood of Your Blood

Do family gatherings make you scream, Sometimes so bad that you turn mean? You have to wonder if you are related; When it is time to leave, you’re elated Some drink to excess, are bigots, drunks Angry at life; you must bear their junk No matter how calm you try to act, be Beliefs so […]

A Lingering Joy ~Thinking of those who have gone before

A Lingering Joy Thinking of those who have gone before When the boundary barrier between the realms grows ever slender Mine will not be willful, wayward spirits wandering abroad this night Not phantoms, specters or poltergeists, but a mother sweetly tender To watch her children and those yet unborn when her soul took flight See […]