A Lingering Joy ~Thinking of those who have gone before



A Lingering Joy
Thinking of those who have gone before

When the boundary barrier between the realms grows ever slender
Mine will not be willful, wayward spirits wandering abroad this night
Not phantoms, specters or poltergeists, but a mother sweetly tender
To watch her children and those yet unborn when her soul took flight

See sons and daughter, left behind, ones who connect to her through time
Maybe add one small blessing to gently guide her child to his proper path
Or maybe, to encourage his simple, striving soul to craft this simple rhyme
Because you know it might well be true, just thinking of it will make you laugh

Don’t look for wraiths, wights or banshees to search for me this Hallows’ Eve
Though perhaps a caring, quiet father might softly touch me on the head
Though he may not have often told his love for me, yet still I could perceive
I understand now the lessons that he taught, examples, with nothing being said

Perhaps a long-missed brother can be sadly seen, standing there beside him
They smile and nod, though it comes late, they know that I will be all right
Though I will feel their casual caress, and the sun will shine within my dream
At the dawn, when I awake, only a lingering joy inside will greet the nascent light


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