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Keeping Up

Have you seen the ad about a fictitious media platform called Woo Woo? Though it seems ubiquitous in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, I’ll assume that you haven’t. The ad shows two nerds in an elevator, standing behind two much hipper people. One of the hipper people asks his buddy if he’s […]

Winter Wind Blows

Sometimes it is so simple to feel depressed Just maintaining an even keel a big success Bleak views of our ills constantly accessed Slip into a tortoise shell, hide in that recess I am run down, tired of facing terror, fear In the world and what is happening here Clamor for us to find a […]


My heart seeks answers To questions I do not know Know to ask or answer No, musings I do not Understand understanding I cannot ponder Wonder which I cannot conceive Tenants of faith I do not believe Existence, nonexistence Always, ever Always never Everywhere, nowhere Yet always, always In the center A pawn of fate […]

Serial Tuesday ~ Toliver

Chapter Six (cont.) Toliver found the walk back in the dark unremarkable, the sky shrouded beneath dark clouds. Joad showed him his domicile, how to key the DiNAlock® and left him. Toliver didn’t see where he went. At this point, he didn’t care. As Toliver entered his new home, the lights came on, nearly blinding […]

Serial Friday ~ Arcadian Journey

Chapter Five Stento and his companions gathered food and weapons and hurried into the night. He, or one of the others would return at intervals for essentials they couldn’t make or trap, and to see their loved ones. The settlers thought their capture would be simple. With their communications satellite’s scan of the planet, they […]

Serial Tuesday ~ Toliver

Chapter Six Toliver studied the room as he followed Joad to the front of the hall. As he suspected he might, he saw wood on display everywhere. Wood skirting ran around the room, as did ornate crown molding. Fluted wooden columns ran up both sides of the six, large windows on each side of the […]

Beneath the Grass

What would it feel like, any fun, to live to be one hundred My imagination tells me it would be less fun more dread With luck, still shuffling around, able to pee upon my shoes Not rolled about like deadwood by someone I don’t choose Perhaps I will be non compos mentis and it will […]

None May Know

Imagine, how do we tell our own love story Do we believe love exists in a state of grace Fear it will be a stroll along life’s razor edge A plunge into the deep, head first, eyes closed Do we make our dive unsure if we can swim Will love’s buoyancy help float us on […]

Last Note

One more bullet shot from one more gun You’re sure this must be the very last one Yet, once more death and once more pain And you know it will start all start again One more bomb falls from one more sky Is there really a reason for us to ask why One more terrorist […]

Serial Friday ~ Arcadian Journey

After a couple of weeks of my new Serial Tuesday, I’ve decided that alternating sories there will be too confusing, as well as not providing me the proper motivation. So today I begin Serial Friday with the opening pages of Arcadian Journey Please feel free to offer any comment on either piece. Prologue Two jumpships […]