Last Note

Two Heads, No Sense ~ Philip Brent

Two Heads, No Sense ~ Philip Brent

One more bullet shot from one more gun
You’re sure this must be the very last one
Yet, once more death and once more pain
And you know it will start all start again

One more bomb falls from one more sky
Is there really a reason for us to ask why
One more terrorist attacks one more child
It can only mean that we are all still wild

One more person, once more denied help
Why should you care, it is not your whelp
One more shooter, many people lie slain
Still you refuse to act; you must be insane

One more journey into our vast wasteland
And you know we’ve no place safe to stand
One more promise one more time is delayed
Like little boys with guns and games played

When there are no bullets will gun-lust sate
Or are we so violent we can’t close that gate
Will there be time to learn what went wrong
Or will guns murder the last note in our song


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