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In Lockstep

Channeling thought, Flailing, feeling Art and music Each life opera, rock Country, blues Singing the universe Everywhere rhythms Love, laughter Anger, frustration, Failure turned to death Overshadowing hope, Joy, birth, union In brutality steeped, Insecurity sublimated Through violence News, games, murder, Terror and suicide We use guns To hide our fear Brandish them, Fire them, […]


This was originally published on February 9, 2013, written in response to a need to speak in some way to the insanity that took place all around me and specifically to the Newtown school shootings.  I have chosen to repost it every year on the anniversary of this tragedy that left 27 dead, 20 of […]

Full Stop

Another senseless killing in Arizona, though she was on vacation A nine-year-old being trained to shoot an Uzi is some indication Not where she came from, but the culture from which she haled Shooting instructor killed, an accidental bullet, and no one jailed Perhaps this is the first lesson anyone who wants a gun must […]

Dry Their Tears

I remember hearing the earth would be inherited by the meek I hope that it will happen soon, maybe Wednesday next week I think I could pretend, join them, but then I could not speak I know I would find it difficult if I could never open my beak You may think it odd this […]

They Might Grow Up

Emergency, emergency, everybody to clear the streets *The cowboys are coming, the cowboys are coming* Guns carried openly on the hip or hidden under arm They will tell you it is only the bad folks they will harm Unless, of course they are the bad guys, that’s only fair Else they might shoot anyone for […]

So Little has Changed ~ Verse II

Verse II Remember the numbers are someone’s mother, son Father, daughter, aunt or uncle and it may be anyone Rich or poor, special on either end of the spectrum Smart, stupid, hawk, dove may die at the end of a gun In or from an ivory tower its fiery wrath may descend From a young […]

So Little Has Changed

What are the numbers, does anybody know? Does anybody care how many we have to go? Can anyone, anywhere believe it’d get this high? Probably so, as we continue pretending to try How many incidents are recorded each week? Not just in the world, but also of here I speak This time it’s one and […]

We Will Tell You

Join the revolution, turn and turn and turn Around, follow the sound, watch the birdie Which direction looks right; watch, learn Bet it all on just one card, down and dirty Watch all the ads and pay strict attention Get in the line now and march to the beat With the explosions, fast cuts, pretension […]

Last Note

One more bullet shot from one more gun You’re sure this must be the very last one Yet, once more death and once more pain And you know it will start all start again One more bomb falls from one more sky Is there really a reason for us to ask why One more terrorist […]

You Will Learn

One early morning on Tuesday last week I told you of the future, but did not speak I said I would write these words just now Although, I in no way explained just how Still, I imagined I would be able conceive Some mysterious way to make you believe I could not, cannot express this […]