Dry Their Tears

Nuclear Brand ~ Philip Brent

Nuclear Brand ~ Philip Brent

I remember hearing the earth would be inherited by the meek
I hope that it will happen soon, maybe Wednesday next week
I think I could pretend, join them, but then I could not speak
I know I would find it difficult if I could never open my beak

You may think it odd this semiatheagnopalian uses such terms
You may believe I’d cover my mouth, my nose to foil such germs
You know, I hope, I’d as easily impeach the multiglobal firms
You will find me saying this until I am become meat for worms

He said that he could not understand even a single word I said
She said I was a blasphemy and she thought I should be dead
It seemed such a tragedy that I offered them drink and bread
We must find another way to cope, to understand fear instead

You so-called chiefs, you holy leaders view us by your measure
You preach we each must follow only you at work or at leisure
You drive a wedge of hate, fear between all, a widening fissure
You fail to ken all for you will one day rob you of your treasure

They said that they see it is a major problem, but it’s not theirs
They asked how we imagined they could change world affairs
They wondered, though, how they might overcome their fears
They were dust when the light, heat and blast dried their tears

I predict we will survive only if we all become one community
I know that this could only happen when all people were free
I believe this is a time and a dream that I will never live to see
I exhort us still to live to the highest potential of our humanity


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