None May Know

It's All Right ~ The Extra Mile

It’s All Right ~ The Extra Mile

Imagine, how do we tell our own love story
Do we believe love exists in a state of grace
Fear it will be a stroll along life’s razor edge
A plunge into the deep, head first, eyes closed

Do we make our dive unsure if we can swim
Will love’s buoyancy help float us on the top
Or cement our feet and drag us to the depths
Force us to thrash and cling, find our rhythm

Can one glance be our lifeline for our lifetime
Will connections ease our travel or thwart it
Will arguments build obstacles or clear a path
Through all this and more, can our love thrive

For some it will and some it won’t, no telling
What looks best from outside may fair worst
Larger the wedding cost, the shorter the union
Maybe; none may know what our future holds


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