So We Pretend

The Far Horizon

The Far Horizon

How do we choose all the choices we make
From the simplest ones to risks we will take
What motivates us to decide what’s our goal
Will power, money, love, sex make us whole
Are health and happiness the top on our list
Or upon a good life of beauty, fame we insist
We want to be gorgeous, to have so much more
If we only find the magic, it will open our door
No need to fight for it like some ruthless type A
Get rich quick our motto;  that’s all we will say
Yet, we need cash to get by, just barely survive
Mostly, we work jobs that we hate, to stay alive
Stuff we want, we must have; run, better hurry
Everyone will leave us behind, it’s our life story
Cruises, candy, clothes, cars will make us stars
It is for this humanity with us constantly spars
Guilt makes us donate to others who have less
Fear finds us cowering deep in dank darkness
From money, guns, power, with a savage streak
Yet, hey, that could be us, if we can  catch a break
Please return our glasses with pink-tinted lenses
The only choice we need choose, or so we pretend


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