What Can Be Done

Toxic World

Toxic World

What can be done
When two become
One minus one
And zero the sum
Is less than nothing
Painfully derived from
More than something
A complex problem

You love both
One related, one not
You’re loathe
To be on the spot
Yet the story heard
Is only half
Of two endeared
Incomplete math

Yes, you’ve known
Heard of fights, rancor
Yelling into silence solemn
Silence, no answer
The louder the scream
The less the response
And the opposite meme
Leads unto this nonce

Created worlds apart
Paths a triangle
They open their hearts
At the third angle
One raised in heat, passion
One raised in reticence
Both tried to pass upon
Upbringing’s parlance

Now, the equation broken
Stories are told
Lingering love unspoken
Obdurate and cold
Good times forgotten
Fights unforgiven
Now, so misbegotten
A way to be living

No one but they will know
Their complete stories
What struck the final blow
Pulled pain from their glories
Good times all forgotten
Buried beneath animosity
Ignoring times they got on
Refusing to see

Still there was love
Friendship as well
Then jostle and shove
As bad feelings swell
Each trying their best
Knowing, yet unable
To pass this test
One leaves the table

So sad to end
Filled with bile
No kindness to lend
Words often vile
Yet someday they may
Find distance to talk
Could they find it today
Part friends as they walk

And how will we deal
These people both matter
Must we wait as they heal
Or could this shatter
Couples alone are not
Family and friends care
Care a very lot
So in this pain we share



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