Total Can’t Recall

Hubcap Halo

Hubcap Halo

Tech jackets, watches, glasses won’t mean a single thing
Won’t matter what they know or do, unless they’re bling
Sure, there is a certain status in the land of the nerd elite
Doesn’t mean they’ll play the burbs, be seen every street

Unless this tech makes you look sharp, stylin’ and profilin’
Can you honestly imagine that most people will be smilin’
Never mind that satellite uplink stitched into all our lapels
They will always know our twenty, where we buy and sell

One lens of our glasses may be showing us a blockbuster
Home, work, school, church, there will still be ads, buster
Why stop at the goods we want, think also goods we need
Smart threads woven into bedding, towels like tiny seeds

Tech credit cards, cars, phones, Velcro, laces of our shoes
Solange, Snowden hardly shock, our data more than used
Dystopian-future books and movies made at massive cost
Convey no view of what we’ll lose, but what’s already lost

Yet, hey, we’re looking good, our friends, family to impress
We have no need to worry our world is such a bloody mess
We won’t, we hope, be around to see  humanity’s final fall
“What’s that,” you say, “it’s happened. If so, I can’t recall.”


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