Choose Your Occupation

Quitting Time

Quitting Time

We come to another country; we steal it from the people there
Then act somehow miraculous, like we grew a bald man’s hair
Whether we sell ourselves as motherland, fatherland, liberator
People’s republic, or sun never sets, we’re but thieves, no more

Despite our ignominious starts, a moral high ground we claim
Conveniently forgetting that our claim should be one of shame
Not everyone can see the world through such rose-colored eyes
There is nothing these can do to renounce the liars or their lies

When the bullies on all the blocks are winners writing history
Skewed views about the past they spout can’t be a big mystery
And everywhere, though you may disbelieve, is sung the song
We’re the best, the brightest and only my group right or wrong

Though the disenfranchised, poor or conquered know the truth
Most of us have our ability to fight crushed harshly in our youth
Are subverted by the golden carrot; yet it’s the stick which drives
So stars in our eyes grow dim, so little of our fire burns, survives

We might in future brave their barricades to hope and freedom
Words, images, for now, will be our cocktail, homemade boom
We must stir their pot and spoke their wheels, throw our sabots
Hold our ground ignore spying, what the shadow league knows

If we get too close they’ll slander us with tales to bring us down
Use our secrets, make up lies, it’s all the same, our certain doom
If in some future we get discovered to have had the right of this
We’ll just be one more name they will cross off their endless list

We who are of the occupying nations must begin to understand
Nothing here belongs to anyone, not money, people or the land
When our day is done and we have followed after the dinosaurs
Earth will continue, try a new concept, never mind you or yours

Consider that it now may be time we simply occupy the planet
Drop all weapons and refuse to fight their war, thus, we ban it
Stop believing might makes right, there are so many more of us
Quit anything that aids any plan, except what aids the sum of us


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