You’re Not

No longer will we require any high-school senior
To recognize the words sagacious or prevaricator
I do not think that’s wise, to say I do, I’d be a liar
As the dumber we become, the lower we’ll aspire

The only smart things we’ll own are phones, cars
And really, both are more intelligent than we are
Let’s do away with numbers, too. What’s the fuss?
The state, banks, retailers  will keep track FOR us

Why should we care about figuring out anything?
Consider the stress and sorrow knowledge brings
Better to watch soaps, TV judges and reality shows
We’re superior, yet we live life in their highs, lows

What reason would we want a life of our very own
Sounds so perverse, like speaking on the telephone
Websites to discover, with so many facts to muddle
Yet our restricted vocabulary, they might befuddle

Let’s chuck it all in; our days all play, with no work
Life on the dole will give us unlimited time to twerk
If that is not appealing, you might jump in the vat
More mouths to feed, so we all must subsidize that

Unless you’re in the tiny, tiny club which is on top
They’ve no reason that they think we should stop
Let us help them out; let us simply lay down to die
Stop now; we can’t justify why we should ask why

So learn if you must, but please do as you are told
Say thank you when we tell you you’ve been sold
Queue up where we tell you to and wait to be shot
We are the ones who are in charge and you’re not

If we don’t shoot you today; come back tomorrow
Stand quietly in a line, no trouble need you borrow
Since you’re no longer able to cipher, read or write
Just trust our promises; everything will be all right



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