Which is What?

Which is What?

                                                                                                Stranger in a Strange Land ~ Philip Brent Harris


How do we claim land which belongs
to none, including the people we stole
it from; they knew that. While we are
fools cheering our so-called progress.
Which is what? It’s reproducing past
ability of land, sea, sky, and beyond.
We wrote the history that said we are
good. We told our past selves, others
we met were savages, were worthless.
We said to ourselves we could destroy
anything and everything which didn’t,
doesn’t serve us, including the people,
what all tribes call themselves, people.
Who has the right to speak, to decide?

Is need the start? Does technology play
a part? When our population demands
more room, hunting ground, territory,
protection from danger, strangers and
the effects of foul weather and climate,
it also anticipates, predicts the future.
How then do we create, control space?
Is it only for us, those who’re like us?
We seek weapons to drive others away
those we choose to see as the enemy.
Not because they have threatened us;
it’s that they have something we want.
Having conquered, we seek better ways
to expand, to spread our hubris farther.

Bands become armies, become tyranny.
We cross water, so galleys yield to sails,
and sailing ships give way to steam and
wars are fought over land, sea and sky.
All driven by weapons and our yearning
for violence. We disguise it as adventure,
religion, trade, patriotism, manifested as
destiny in the quest to destroy fell death.
We know death will always be the victor,
as if it is other than the opposite of life.
Not evil, only an undiscovered country.
We choose to declare people as enemy,
rather than part of us, misunderstood.
All will be strangers in a strange land.

My mountains shall always meet your
mountains, no matter that our history
swears that we’re wrong; we have yet
to comprehend. Though in our hearts
we know truth, we continue to spread
our poison, sacrificing our youth, and
our future upon mammon’s evil altar.
Everyone, everything merely means to
our end. Misers and miscreants who
manage our murder and death of all,
know we’re sheep, unable, unwilling,
to do other than baa and bleat on our
way to the abattoir. You may only say
if you’ll stay with these walking dead.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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