Waiting Room

Curls Before Spines

Curls Before Spines

Hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait
Get there on time and they will be late
Sit in a waiting room full of strangers
And worry  about any possible dangers

Not even surgery, sticks from a needle
Questions ask may make me curl fetal
Likely done before I’ll feel too nervous
They practice long to do just this service

Why then this morning I feel so twitchy
I never felt this way, with surgery for me
Always risk, however small, they advise
Minutes crawl slowly; so time never flies

Bit like religion, you must take it on faith
They are good at keeping loved-ones safe
When it is finally over, you sigh in relief
Doctors again have rewarded your belief

Then home to play nurse, the best of care
She has done it for me; it only seems fair
Hope it works and her pain’s held in check
So back pain will not be a pain in the neck

As I type this I’m home; all has gone fine
Hurray; raise a glass of a sparkling wine
Made a great fuss for a simple procedure
I love her, I like her, and also, I need her


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