Sing a Different Tune



When I was very small, the lines and squiggles baffled me
As I grew, what I learned of letters, numbers set me free
I learned to imitate them; mine were large if done neatly
Growing gradually smaller as I grew larger, exponentially

For many years I could see all right, whether day or night
Gradually, my sight has grown dimmer, to see I must fight
My arms grown too short, the letters blur within my sight
Pharmaceutical companies’ drugs pack the words in tight

They conspire, I believe, make the words too small to see
More struggle means less effort, much higher learning fee
A magnifying glass still makes letters and words big for me
But what, with letters one hundred times tinier than a flea

What medicine, contacts, laser surgeries can make it right
On e-books, read only one word per page, that would bite
Gives extra meaning to: rage against the dying of the light
No worry, insurance company profits will soar out of sight

It’s time my words grew big enough to see from the moon
Then, the company greed-heads will sing a different tune
I’m not the only who one thinks this can’t come too soon
But most will believe the news story, I am crazy as a loon


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