A Poet’s words with poets’ words

Bright Lights Pacific Ocean

Bright Lights Pacific Ocean

The mind is its own place
It sits here behind my face
If I can keep my head,
It’ll serve till I’m dead
Why, friends, do I compare me
To all gone before, all to be
Too soon full fathom five
No longer alive

What story will be told
Will I have grown old
Tarnished, in disgrace
Like the brass rings I chased
Wandering, a busy old fool
Not living, merely gene pool
Could not my center hold,
Was my very birthright sold

Or has my time come
All time’s numbers prove the sum
Bringing mellow fruitfulness
Unsure, I can only guess
To strive, to seek, to find
This narrow fellow, all my kind
As entropy increases
Ere my world ceases

Human before I sleep, enough and all
Truth eternal’s timeless call
Because my works hold no time
Whether essay, free verse or rhyme
Painted art or pixels fused
No matter the medium used
It is better just to share
Never to compare, despair

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