No Matter How Long



When you finally own your creation, you suspect life knows
The path ahead should be clear, no-one stepping on your toes
Not life, it does not work that way, just a game of yes and no
Life sometimes tells to you stop and sometimes tells you go

A game, a carnival ride, a roller coaster, full of ups, downs
Every ascent, no matter how steep, aims you at the ground
Many cringe, avoid the climb leading to infamy or renown
You have chosen already to wear jester’s bells or the crown

Embrace your choice, seize each and every day with elation
All of what you do or believe gets tallied at you summation
Have faith, we are headed for the same ultimate destination
Whether in dust or ash, our bodies all end in discorporation

Even a tortoise, living many years, does more than survive
Hiding always in its shell could hardly be called being alive
Who knows, deep thoughts it may have as it slowly strives
It knows that no matter how long it takes, that it will arrive



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