Please Tell Them

Unknown Ecology

Unknown Ecology

Genesis of Silliness

Too many years ago for me to actually remember when, At a party I was attending, I saw a message written on a board near the kitchen door. I thought about how it would sound set to music, and even developed a chorus I sometimes sing in my head. It’s been around so long, I decided to give it a back story.

Please Tell Them

Corwin came to Earth from Elgar near Rigel
And he has tried his very, very best to fit in
But overuse of a certain, well-known hair gel
Has made his human disguise look rather thin

He knows his condition will clear up in a week
He realizes he, must not now venture outside
Till this passes, he will hide and try not to speak
If seen, his trip’s ruined, friends will think he lied

So writes on a white board on his kitchen wall
He leaves a note his other friends should see
Since if any would come calling, he’ll lose it all
He hopes they’re told somewhere he can’t be

Locks his bedroom door, pulls shade down far
Thus hopes to avoid a most unpleasant plight
His message: If anyone calls for Corwin of Elgar
That Corwin can’t go bowling Thursday night

To please tell them, please, please tell them
Corwin can’t go bowling on Thursday night


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