It’s Yours

Geode Sunset

Geode Sunset

Whenever life has the last laugh, and it is on you
Drops you in the drink, snaps a lace on your shoe
Challenging and unfair, you may think, often true
But more often the problem is all because of you

“Wait,” you say, “How can this be blamed on me?”
“I achieved all I was supposed to, can’t you see?
Didn’t drop my keys on purpose or be late for tea.
Creation is difficult; I should be passed for free.”

Such arguments should not be used, as I have done
Or saying we are attempting, trying or it’s all in fun
We must own our art, music, craft, in noonday sun
Why choose any other way? Life offers no refund

Take time; understand what drives you at the core
Be not afraid: look into all your windows and doors
You’ll know you’ve found it, when your spirit soars
Fake it till you make it? I say, just take it, it’s yours


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