Time Alone

Available as shirt or mug  @ ​ ​The Extra Mile

Available as shirt or mug
@ ​
​The Extra Mile

Are we contemplating our own days of future past
Do we think, hope anyone will remember us at last
Study us, analyzing where, when and why we ended
Discover how we died, what greatness we pretended

Will they applaud us as the sun, the moon, the stars
Regard us like the finest horses, the fastest race cars
Discard us as useless detritus to be found in any alley
Never to be then ever found in a royal tomb or valley

Are we imagined as mysterious, mean, cruel, cunning
Or base, at bottom on their list, not even in the running
Could we be an unknown scholar’s goal, life-long work
Ignored, swept aside, flash flood or skewered by a dirk

Yes, we may dream that we will be heroes, great leaders
Recorded through history and stories, with avid readers
Perhaps we’ll be right and we’ll possess all the essentials
Still only time and time alone will reveal our potentials

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