Conspiracy Theory?

The Pen's Might

The Pen’s Might

Lately I’ve noticed that many people are smitten
Over the moon, quite mad for a puppy or a kitten
No slow turtle for them or a bowl full of guppies
An internetful of video about kittens and puppies

I’m very worried that I may have missed my mark
With vivid writing and art whose message is stark
Would I own plush penthouses in all major cities
If only my creative output had puppies and kitties

If I successfully sold out, would it make me glad
Money and comfort doesn’t really seem that bad
Young canines with their large and fetching eyes
Young cats with the crazies, their mewling cries

All their sharp little claws, their sharp little teeth
That damage property, use your skin as a sheath
So cute and so clever as we wince, stifle our pain
I’ll get the camera; please get them to do it again

You hope that your kitten will be the next meme
Eighteen million hits, or more, before five fifteen
You may gain your fame minutes at their expense
But remember, adult dogs and cats can be intense

So if they bite you, scratch you, poop on the floor
That may not be the only thing they have in store
If you laugh at their antics, once again hit replay
I assure you, they have ways of making you pay

Nor do I mean to slander your turtles or guppies
Including tortoises, goldfish, don’t forget yuppies
I’m trying to warn you, I will not stoop to plead
Stop, ere a kitten, puppy conspiracy can succeed



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