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Nary a Thought or Care

  My cat has come to like me, at least that’s what I think, Kneads me hard; her sharp claws into my soft skin sink. Clearly her inflicting pain must be a sign of her affection C’mon, she is a cat, but maybe not after serious reflection Dogs worship us, even though they’ll yank us […]

Governments’ Fear

  Strange, disturbing and unnatural, the sight I witnessed earlier today Two people, women, sitting outside, talking in the old-fashioned way No phones, smart or dumb, no tablets, no pads, no games, no e-readers, Could I detect anywhere. Should I go  and warn our fear-filled leaders? Anyone not plugged in twenty hours per day might […]


The last day on our calendar changes odds to evens Repeats in opposition then, as regular as the seasons And we adjust our reckonings with a day thrown in Which lets us catch up to the sun and so begin again We treat each new year as new time, a new beginning Resolve to change, […]

Thoughts About Love

 Love: You know you are in love when you’d rather be driven crazy by the person you’re with than be sane with anyone else. Love is always hopeful, kind, generous, aware, supportive, accepting, nurturing and able to withstand blows without breaking. Love can be implied or suggested, but never truly defined by what it is […]

Prufrock’s Lament

LET us slow then, you and I. When vile emissions spread out across the sky The ether that lays us upon the table; Lets us skulk through fear-deserted streets, The mutterings retreat Of soulless nights in one-night cheap brothels And raw rust juggernauts and mortar shells; Streets that follow past the seediest tenement Too usurious […]

A dichotomy of dark and light where the colors seem unable to meet, though uA dichotomy of dark and light where the colors seem unable to meet, though ultimately they are all the same.


  Why do people think peace implies a boring sameness The cosmos where we live is composed of opposites We will never have everyone thinking the same way Nor would we ever even want to, if the truth be told But opposition is no way required to equal violence On and off, hot and cold, […]

Very Superstitious?

  Friday, twelve, thirteen, thirteen, might it be a double whammy? Do thoughts, talk of superstition make your hands feel clammy? Knock on wood, upon your desk? Or for now just use your head? No telling what this might be made of now, is it tanked instead? Toss the spilled salt over your left shoulder, […]

A glowing orb reflects itself in opposition.

Redefining War and Peace

War, armies, death, destruction, terror, horror and fear fill our news and our days. These are all very real and frightening, but I believe war deserves a broader definition, as does peace. War is not simply armed troops shooting at each other and all the specific and collateral damage from the way we wage war […]


 With the one-year anniversary of the tragic murder of elementary school students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut this Saturday, I decided to repost the following, which first appeared here and on the Daily Kos in February of 2013.  I have chosen today to post this so the families of Newtown […]

Universal Logic

In the never was the always and the ever was It was ever never always And it always Never was