Do we start restricting our children much too soon
Compromising their ability to shoot for the moon?
Yes, they are exuberant at home, out in public, too
Dangers abound and they must learn this from you

I’m sure I was such a child, drove all the adults nuts
Smart, curious, one to ask, remark no ifs ands or buts
Happy, somewhat unaware, no self-control I’m told
Yet helped me survive my early years, my being bold

My teen years were fraught with taunt, tease and jibe
And I wasn’t quite so bold then and didn’t like the vibe
But I survived by will, sometimes isolated in my  head
Times this grew too hard; I vanished into books I read

Yet, at nineteen, I stuck out my thumb, hitched rides
East Coast to the West Coast, where my love did abide
Now, I live here, too; we reside quite happily together
Long years, ups and downs and we still like each other

Most of my life spent finding courage to live my heart
Yet, courage I use now, in my childhood was life-taught
So be afraid, but act brave and practice until you learn
Don’t disregard life’s lessons; share them, it’s your turn

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