Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

The last day on our calendar changes odds to evens
Repeats in opposition then, as regular as the seasons
And we adjust our reckonings with a day thrown in
Which lets us catch up to the sun and so begin again

We treat each new year as new time, a new beginning
Resolve to change, improve the ways we will be living
But so often then life, or we, somehow get in our way
And the needs of hearth and home and living every day

Those we love, who love us, too, must always come first
The longest life is much too short, from cradle to hearse
Yes, we’ll come around again, in one form or another
Unaware of what’s gone before and no need to bother

So smile, be happy, you can choose the way you’ll feel
Dark thoughts in hard times cannot ever help you heal
Your expression may reflect or be reflected by the world
Your choice of hope and love and joy is a priceless pearl

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