Nary a Thought or Care

 Orange Is the New Kind Chat Noir

My cat has come to like me, at least that’s what I think,
Kneads me hard; her sharp claws into my soft skin sink.
Clearly her inflicting pain must be a sign of her affection
C’mon, she is a cat, but maybe not after serious reflection
Dogs worship us, even though they’ll yank us off our feet
Still, they’ll do really dandy tricks for a pat or smelly treat
Loving’s not what I’d call a snake, yet they’ll wrap us tight
Boa Constrictor love, a hug too tight we may need to fight
Illegal in many states and places, we might take on a ferret
On TV they look so cute, people swear that they have merit

All the primates work best when they’re left quite alone
Homo Sapiens, the worst, yet swear they hold the throne
Noisy, smelly, I mean, they leave their trash all around
When it’s time to clean up they’re nowhere to be found
Kill off their neighbors, too, with nary a thought or care
Unnatural, they do things other creatures would not dare
Foul all the water, inflict destruction as they rape the land
So numerous that soon there may be barely room to stand
Though this may improve, when water and food run out
That will thin the ranks so there won’t be so many about

Eventually, our sun will go nova, which surely will end all
We, everyone, will rejoin the star stuff as we heed the call
Who knows, maybe some wisdom will linger in cosmic dust
To help us do better when we return, as you know we must
Our seed and others will drift, through starry darkness wind
Till conditions prove propitious and again bring us to mind

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