Screw It


Shore Bird

Shore Bird

Walk along with me for just a little while
Away from prying eyes
Perhaps we’ll walk along the ocean’s shore
To muddle prying ears
A raucous bar tonight might also fill the bill
Over a couple of beers

Please don’t talk to me while I’m at home
Or if we should meet
Or call me or even text me on my phone
That would be indiscreet
Deep space or way out to sea might work
Probably not for long

They know everything about us already
More than we do
There’s no sense in being paranoid now
It’s too late
Hiding in plain sight might fox them too
Can you relate

Screw it. Really.  I give up. I will speak out
Any noisy place
The local insane asylum might be the best
They might put me away
I’ll do my very best to look and sound insane
Babble on, to have my say


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