Analyze the Reasons


Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega

Here’s a crazy thought that just jumped into my mind
If what’s distant from our sight, light years in the past
Could somehow make us the far-off future of our kind
Be afraid, so badly we have done, in this role to be cast

Would we be like future supermen to cavemen long ago
Distant light merely cave paintings upon the wall of time
Despite their imagined age, such far light may little show
Looking to scale a peak, end up sliding on a steep decline

Our understanding’s miniscule in a myriad of little ways
The distant past might worship us as magically possessed
Perhaps we would know enough if we had a trillion days
Because it looks magical does not mean it’s for the best

Would that we could look that deep into the hidden past
And watch one hundred thousand cultures rise up to die
By their greed, lust, war, stupidity; how could they last
Our headlong rush we might stop, and, at least ask, why

Whys and wherefores may not matter if we can’t change
Surviving, we can analyze the reasons for a million days
More than likely we will all of our own atoms rearrange
Else, we could understand those atoms in a trillion ways

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