Care Enough to Ask


Fire Fall

Fire Fall

My mind is moiled, roiled, in turmoil and looking for a sign
How can I, should I, shall I my thoughts and my deeds align
To center my vision, steady my aim, get closer to my target
Around the corner, in the future far away, so hard to mark it
I must forget everything I’ve ever known and wipe the slate
Wash it clean, then, in the upper corner, write today’s date
And I must think clearly and cleverly before I make my start
To refine, polish my ideas, high ideals, that would be smart

How would you redesign the world, if ever given the choice
Remembering that yours never will or can be the only voice
If you profess to believe in God and in what God has created
Would you challenge divine design, is your ego that inflated
Yet it’s what you do each day when you see yourself on top
Above anyone and everyone, Earth your toy, no need to stop
All haters and bigots promote power’s agenda, are only tools
The elite use you as one distraction, are you really such fools
Undereducated and ignorant, as you watch  our planet die
Do you ever think or even care enough to ask the reason why

Maybe it’s our fault that not enough stand up and speak out
Too tired, hurt, sick, too afraid to take the podium and shout
Each generation rebels, strives to compel the world to change
Renouncing their damaged legacy, believe their elders strange
With the dilapidated cesspit we’ve helped our world become
Can you wonder their conclusion can never equal the right sum
We know all our hopes, our dreams have all been undermined
We learned that the fruit had all been eaten, we got only rind
Even that has now disappeared, only pictures of what has been
Toys, games distract us, war thins ranks, no answer in the wind

And still I plod and still I hope to somehow save whatever works
Tell myself that in their hearts the powerful cannot be such jerks
Such a mild expletive for people who’re stealing my very future
I might as well demand my lips sewn closed with a heavy suture
You fake it till you make it, I have often been offered this advice
And so I will sing my hopeful songs as my psyche pays the price
Depressed as I am to say it, I believe that when my little life ends
Humankind fairs no better, no matter how I or anyone pretends


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