Full Circle


Quitting Time

Quitting Time

Stones, sticks, bones, clubs and a handy sling
With the limited destruction they could bring

Led to spears and chiseled points to pierce
Killed bigger game made us feel more fierce

Poles, staffs, and staves brought combat closer
Man to man, forget the hunt, don’t be the loser

Dagger, dirk, stiletto, knife, cleaver and axe
Edged weapons, nice and sharp, cut to the max

Short bow, long bow, compound bow and arbalest
Each killed at a distance, better, but not the best

Pistol, matchlocks, single shot and the repeaters
All designed to make killing people faster, neater

Muskets, flintlocks, smoothbores, rifles better ammo
Led to killing from a distance while wearing camo

Gatlin gun, Tommy gun, Kalashnikov and AK47
I can’t imagine these send you or anyone to heaven

Atom bombs, H-bombs, neutron bombs soon to arrive
When they do, most people will no longer be alive

Stones, sticks, bones, clubs and a handy sling
May be your only options if you plan on surviving


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