What We Always Knew

What We Always Knew

“How can I move forward, when I don’t know which way I’m facing?”
John Lennon

Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges

These words, so true
Set my heart racing
With all I’ve learned
Know how to do and
Cool and useful stuff
I can make, why never
Have I felt comfortable
With life, or even the
Direction I should take

Every day as everyone
New stories imagines
Even while believing
It’s their narration only
Labor, love, learning
All our daily journeys
Quests, and heroes all

Adventures in traffic
Commuting, so called
Since it shortens life
Sometimes the hare
But mostly the tortoise
To reach the front line
Our daily work battles
Here and distant, too
Cell phone connected
Locked inside with
No apparent escape

Home to playwright’s
Tales we crave, devour
Nightly joined, alone
Consummated often
Not till the morrow
Sex with the millions
Our satisfaction and
Agreement delayed

We gather, joke, talk
Was it good for you
A wondrous chance
To speak in a tongue
A language universal
Existing this moment
And as it has forever
Perhaps we’ll relearn
What we always knew
To somehow help us
Hold us. Heal us.


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