Life Upside Down

Sky Water

Sky Water

My most recent verse was written with my notebook upside down
It reads rather darkly, but I don’t think that could be the reason why
The implications could be staggering enough to make me frown
All the times I’ve moped and moaned, gnashed my teeth and cried

Remember all the mawkish cheer, eyes twinkling, sung out heartily
Telling us just what we need to do if our life has made us the clown
Another gimcrack platitude which will not, cannot answer my plea
Must I revise my attitude when urged to turn my frown upside down

It doesn’t seem practical to live life henceforth standing on my head
Though I did recently say I might start wearing my head upon my feet
It is not the same thing at all, nor practical no matter what I have said
Yet could it prove enough to keep my shoes in contact with the street

Read that as a metaphor for keeping my feet firmly on the ground
Rather than following my head up there as it floats among the clouds
My love will probably like hearing this or at least the way it sounds
Though she knows she keep me steady, here, until my final mound

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