Hope the Dark Not Too Deep

Dark Over Light

Dark Over Light

When any morning dawns blacker than the night
Dazed, you feel as if you have not slept one wink
Yet out your windows see a day blindingly bright
You wonder what the hell you are meant to think

Striving to maintain a life in balance will be hard
Some days find you deep in the slough of despond
Uncaring neighbors, let their dog shit in your yard
Stress drives you down to the bottom of the pond

You gasp for breath, but swallow only water, death
Other days other mornings, this might take your life
On days like these, life has only depth, not breadth
When any good you know, posit is hidden by strife

Why, I wonder, we allow ourselves to feel this way
Yes, truly a mental illness; I won’t offer short shrift
Wouldn’t you once, if you could, like to have a say
As any help of any kind makes you through shit sift

Struggle to lead a good life, depressed in chronic pain
You do not court sympathy, life is what it has become
Fall, rise, hope the dark not too deep, it will fall again
Sure, the specter at the feast should be made welcome


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