Some Have, Some Will

Catensity ~ Philip Brent

Catensity ~ Philip Brent

Some have called me crazy, so many things worse
Some have called me lazy; work smarter no curse
Some have called me hazy; as I accept all, diverse
Some have called me mazy, as rarely am so I terse

Some have called me liberal; won’t be held captive
Some have called me gullible; it is not conclusive
Some have called me farcical, since I am creative
Some have called me quizzical; say me too emotive

Some will call me crazy, because I believe in hope
Some will call me lazy, from when I smoked dope
Some will call me hazy, my soul windows soaped
Some will call me mazy, yet that’s how I’ve coped

Some will call me liberal, think that is  pejorative
Some will call me gullible, or think me insensitive
Some will call me farcical, say that I’m derivative
Some will call me quizzical; that is my imperative

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