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What We Need?

~~~~~ Video games train us, violence, murder, hand eye coordination. Mayhem’s future, except, perhaps, we have not reached, reach far enough into tomorrow. Into all our tomorrows, extrapolated final effects. So much; too, too, too much death, destruction. A random boy, twelve-years-old, tells us he likes to play, play Leona, feminine, heroin. A killing machine, […]

War Begone, We Shall Have No More of Thee

~~~~~ Oh, mournful tragedy when greed and hate start war. The human cost alone is numbered past the millions. Forever the same, condemn this hell we never forswore. All to serve none, except, rich, heartless, evil villains. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment […]

Tail of the Worm

~~~~~ Beneath the surface of the shadow, Live the voices, Who listen to the voices. Ordinary people Acting in extraordinary ways. An unexamined life, Ancient wisdom cautions, Is not worth living. Or is it, An uncommitted life denies scrutiny? To fully live Requires a willingness to pay, Pay a price, bear a burden, be brave. […]

Some Old Miser

~~~~~ Why must our television shows be so lurid, Video games blood-splattered in crime, war? Is it evil buried in our psyche or in our id? Think we crack a whip, make the tiger roar? The game is rigged, tiger behind every door No matter our choice, streamed, disc or vid, Murder, mayhem our drug, […]

This Property Condemned

~~~~~ It was the third house on a far block Framed-up on a little dead-end street We thought it was ours, but no lock Just being built and almost complete Still, we went and talked to the owner Who allowed that he’d built it for us Refusal would have been such a boner We said […]

Songs of War ~ Songs of Peace

~~~~~ And will the savage songs of war never end, Replaced by simple, sweet songs of peace? How can we, forever, our loved-ones send, Knowing they will feed the slavering beast? Do we wonder why we never grow sane, When the best, the brightest are sent to die? Why choose blood, shed again and again? […]

Carpe Hora

~~~~~ They know they are outnumbered ninety-nine to one; We, the larger number, say that nothing can be done. Is it something in the water, or maybe it’s in our food? Whatever it proves to be, it must be something good. Good, for them, at least, but not for all the rest of us. And, […]