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To See Clearly

~~~~~ Times and places I left long ago Bring memories at odd moments. Not strange, but not sequential. Random and in no way numbered To follow like instructions to explain Who I was, would come to be; games I played and whatever residue they Left inside, behind. Brushed from My hair and shoulders. Brain dust, […]

Life Courageous

~~~~~ Time Bomb ~ Philip Brent Harris What gifts given and received would will my words to sing Tripping lightly from my brain, my heart, my tongue Able to express the subtle hopes of anything and everything The true name of all the life and death I live among Would my hearing need to be […]

My Soapbox Stands

~~~~~ Could I say, to you, the hedgehog wondered And the sailboat rolled across the mighty seas? Dungarees, stonewashed and ripped at the knee. What wars have lasted the longest, I wander?  War Meaningless, to us, endless and fought far away? Insurrectionists and conspiracy  theorists thrive, Hide deep in bunkers until the open the sally […]

What Sages Tell

~~~~~ Brief interludes may be the joy of life. A smile, kind word to dispel our strife. If only briefly, our day becomes better. Duties we feel ted to, it foils our fetter. Our shackles have only been imaginary, Yet we say it’s Marley’s chain we carry. Our forced claim feeds a thing we need, […]

Soliloquy of the Elder Man

~~~~~                 Variation on a theme by W.S. of S. on A. To pee, or not to pee, that’s sequestration: Nether squeeze, a whimper in the line to buffer The zings and harrows of reluctant motion, Now to fake aim against an urn that bubbles. And by pretending flush then. To zip—to leave, Open the […]

Thoughts at a Concert

~~~~~ A clumsy rearrangement of the players. A forgotten score, a shifting of brass. To see that global warming can call forth Both the ultimate disaster and salvation A perspective I have never dreamed So easy to see once shown, so hidden By prophets and profits, disguising What should be obvious, plain to all. How […]

Unseen Horizon

~~~~~ My eyes shout beware. No one hears.Their hearts and minds set on findingUnknown, unnamed treasure they’veBeen assured they’ll discover in time. Beware, you’re told, you must take itFrom those who claim what is yours.Rich will tell you to fear your friends,Tthe strangers they turn you against. Weep your tears, too salty to nourish.The love […]

A teabag paper for Boneyard Brand Mortali-Tea

Unknown Demons

  ~~~~~ Will we be remembered as the timeOf Covid melancholy and violence?So many ignored, isolated, alone, withTheir cup or bottle and their thoughts.Death of thousands, millions an evilPlot to divide and conquer so cruelly. Our view depends on filters deployed,How loose our optic skein, where cast.The last message we claimed; the truthThat we all […]

Time Alone

  ~~~~~ Are we contemplating our days of future past? Do we think anyone will remember us at last? Study us, analyze where, when, why we ended, discover how we died, greatness we pretended. Will they applaud us as the sun, moon and stars. view us like the finest horses, fastest race cars? Discard us […]

None May Know

~~~~~ Imagine, how do we tell our own love story? Do we believe love exists in a state of grace? Fear it will be a stroll along life’s razor edge, A plunge into the deep, head first, eyes closed? Do we make our dive unsure if we can swim? Will love’s buoyancy help float us […]