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Can You Tell Me?

Can You Tell Me? ~~~~~ How can we in any way feel proud Of the genocide of one people and The enslavement of another people? Both groups represent many tribes. As we all do, though we name them Other, nations, lands, areas or clans. Yet, all of us people before any other Thought, consideration, name, […]

In the Meantime

In the Meantime ~~~~~ I will write you a masterful painting; And paint you a most intriguing story. I will crawl till I walk, walk till I run. Yet, at times, I can’t what it’s for see. How could I know; where could I go? I have so little to be where I’ve been. When […]

Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes ~~~~~   What will we find in the future That follows us from the past? Will it bring us sickness or cure; Do you think that it might last? Do we see if we close our eyes, Bright stars sail the heavens? Which ingredients help us rise; Drinks we’ll make with leaven. […]

Inside Out, Outside In

Inside Out, Outside In ~~~~~ Penury repeats repetition Upon repetition, until Someone tries to run In the night. Pursuit Follows, measured, steadfast. The chase continues, Faster and faster, until The hounds outrun the fox And it is difficult to distinguish predator from prey ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is […]

Any Story

Any Story ~~~~~ Winding down the lane or Winding up the stair. Am I alone in this pursuit for? Is there someone there? Can I see them beside me? Do I believe them far away? Is it faith, a new way to see, Or what all the asses bray? Maybe these two are the same. […]

What to Seek

What to Seek ~~~~~ In a church done in the 1890’s style, I’m told. Should that make me smile, Question all truths I’ve held awhile? Do these questions have any answer; That’ll  matter to another generation? Did I think I’d find my chance here, Hope I would be forgiven all my sin? I don’t believe […]

If We Were to Cease

If We Were to Cease ~~~~~ 1816 I feel the fool tonight, though certain      I hope we will crush in its birth My words, sentiments echo      The aristocracy of our moneyed corporations Statesmen, leaders long dead      Which dare already to challenge Why should now be otherwise      Our government to a trial […]